Medications in School

Ms. Nora Galligan
Radburn School Nurse
201-794- 5480 x 8222

When it is absolutely medically necessary that a medication be administered during school hours, a written medical order is required from a physician. The order must specifically state the child's name, the medication he or she is to receive, the timing, the dosage, and the exact parameters under which the medication is to be given. The parents must also sign that they want the medication administered by the nurse during school hours. The proper form can be requested from my office.

All medications must be given to me in the original prescription bottle, bearing the child's name. Over-the-counter medications require the same sort of medical order, although there obviously will not be a prescription label on the medication. Double check expiration dates on all bottles, as no expired medications will be accepted.

Also note, that the NJ Department of Education considers cough drops and lozenges to be be medicine as well, also requiring a doctor's prescription. However, hard candies will be permitted during the course of a mild illness in school.