Medical Requirements

Hello, my name is Ms. Galligan. I am the certified school nurse at Radburn School. I look forward to working with you to create a healthy school environment.

If you are entering Radburn School for the first time from another school district, there are certain State requirements for entrance. They are as follows:


The New Jersey Administrative Code Citation 857-4.1 to 8:57-4.20 requires every student to be fully immunized unless she/he is exempted for medical or religious reasons. Proof of immunization is required. The following are the immunization requirements:

  1. DTaP/DTP - minimum of 3 doses

  2. Polio - minimum of 3 doses

  3. MMR - 2 doses

  4. Varicella - 1 dose (or proof of prior chicken pox disease)

  5. Hep. B - 3 doses

  6. Tdap - 1 dose (DUE UPON 6th GRADE ENTRANCE)

  7. Meningococcal - 1 dose (DUE UPON 6th GRADE ENTRANCE)

  8. Mantoux Test - 1 dose (NEW ENTRY FROM OUTSIDE USA)

Attached please find an immunization form.

Health Examination Form: Any child transferring into the New Jersey School System from out of State must also provide an up to date physical. I have included a health examination form to be filled out by your Physician.

Attached please find health examination form.


N.J.S.A. 18A:40-21.2 requires public schools to distribute this fact sheet about Meningitis annually to the parents or guardians of students in the 6th grade. The fact sheet is available at: Meningococcal Invasive Disease PDF

Please review the topics on my webpage including Current Health Advisories . You will find valuable information regarding illness policies along with medication forms. There are links to health care centers for you and your family that charge reduced fees according to your income. There is also information on how to obtain low cost or free health insurance.