Welcome Back 2018-2019

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September 10, 2018


Happy New School Year, Radburn Families!

By now everyone has taken their obligatory first day of school pictures and sufficiently embarrassed their children on various social media platforms. Well done Moms, Dads, and all the other friends and family that helped our first week of drop off and pick ups at Radburn flow smoothly and safely. I want to send all the parents a warm welcome from our PTA, from our new Kindergartens who have now completed their 1st week in their “big” school to our 5th graders starting their final year at Radburn. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the welcome messages written along the pathways into Radburn school If you missed them you can read about them on http://bit.ly/PathToSchool.

A big thank you to Joanna Apablaza, Jeneen Rogan, and Julie Kossoy for spearheading our Teachers’ Welcome Back Luncheon.  Thank you to Danielle Kreitsch, Carrie Stevens, and Alison Shields for their help with our teacher gifts. And a big thank you to our parent volunteers who donated their time, energy, baking skills, and time in the car to make sure our teachers had beverages and desserts to start their school year off on a sweet note.

This new year brings a return of some of our wonderful afterschool programs and in-school author visits and assemblies that our children have enjoyed over the years.  All of these cultural events are possible because parents and teachers support our fundraising efforts. This year, we are excited that our annual 5k and Tricky Tray are poised to be bigger and better than ever.

The 5K is fun-filled way for families to stay fit. The Tricky Tray allows parents to try their lucky hand to win fabulous prizes, including “Principal for a day” and a “lottery tree.” The PTA is equally excited about a new Radburn tradition that was launched last year, The Radburn Parent Teacher Talent Show!  Each of these fundraisers are meaningful in their own way--the 5k focuses on health and fitness, the Tricky Tray allows community members to socialize, and our Talent show celebrates Radburn’s deeply rich appreciation for the arts.

The success of these fundraisers allowed us to fund the playground that stands proudly next to our school. In addition, through the years, document cameras, water filters and office furniture were all made possible through our fundraising efforts.

Thank you to Andrea Mosca for her work as Correspondence Secretary, and welcome to Michele Norton who will take over this position. This year we are rolling out a new service to better communicate upcoming special events throughout the year. Help us share all the wonderful upcoming activities with you! 

We are also very excited to introduce a new position on our board this year held by Roy Gal, Vice President of Community Outreach. We welcome your ideas and thoughts on how to make this position best serve families in the Radburn School in need of support in all different ways, from meal trains to financial assistance with PTA sponsored activities. 

In addition to Roy Gal being the first father on our board, I would also like to welcome Ronen Zaltzberg, who will be handling the details of our website. Thank you, Ronen, for accepting the task of keeping our PTA website fresh and current.

The PTA strive to fund and produce educational and cultural event that enrich the lives of our children.  All of the events we run are made possible by your support. We are grateful to have such a committed group of parents and children and we look forward to working with you all this year to make Radburn Elementary school the best place it can be.

Welcome back everyone!
From Tiffony Schindler
and your PTA Executive Board members