Class News

January News
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Reader's Workshop-
 We will continue to use our Reading Super Powers to read independently and with a partner.  We will use what we know about patterns to help us read books. We will explore the different types of patterns in books: seesaw, question/answer, opinion, and reason patterns.  We will find out that some pattern books have a "twist" at the end.

Writer's Workshop-
We will write our own pattern books.  We will use what we are learning about patterns in Reader's Workshop to create our own books. We will plan our books and write about topics we know and like to read about!

Social Studies/Science- 
We will learn about jobs, homes, Martin Luther King, Jr., and winter.  Please practice your address and telephone number!

We will review counting using number lines, making shapes with templates, following patterns, using the addition (+) and subtraction (-) symbols, and working with attribute blocks.  We will also begin learning addition and subtraction facts.