Class News

We are busy in first grade! Notepad.png


We have just finished our How to unit in writing. We hope you enjoyed the stories that were sent home! We are continuing to write non-fiction work with All About books. In both of these units, students think about their expert selves and teach others what they know on a topic. Different non-fiction text features will be included in these books. They may include: a table of contents, labeled diagram, pictures with captions, an glossary and an index!


In reading, we are practicing our reading strategies across the different genres. Students are working on specific goals as they grow as readers. These goals include: decoding, fluency, main idea, retelling, and understanding. Students are working with new partners and new partner spots in the classroom!


In math, we are working on subtraction fact strategies and fact families. Please use the fact triangles that are sent home to practice addition and subtraction facts to 20. We are learning about shapes and their defining and non-defining attributes. We are learning the defining attributes are always true for each shape and non-defining shapes are only true sometimes. We learned a fancy word for corners-vertices! We will be working with 2D and 3D shapes. Then we will work on dividing shapes in to halves and fourths. Lastly, we are working with telling time to the hour and half hour on both analog and digital clocks.

Social Studies In social studies we learned about life long ago compared to today. We looked closely at homes, toys and transportation. We are learning how to be "Green" and care for our earth. We know how to reduce, reuse and recycle! Science In science we will be taking a look at animals and their life cycles. we will learn which animal babies look like their parents and which do not. Then we learn about bio-mimicry! We see how humans are inspired by nature. Did you know that maple seeds inspired helicopter propellers and camouflage worn by the troops was inspired by animals that camouflage in the forest?