Monthly Class News


April News

 March went out like a lion, but we are getting closer to the end of the school year!

Math We will continue to work with addition and subtraction problems and facts up to 5! We will create 3D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks, practice counting on from a given number, and practice counting by 10’s and 1’s using craft sticks.


Social Studies/Science – April showers bring May flowers! During the month of April we will learn about our community- Fair Lawn!  We will practice our phone number and addresses as well as discuss who and what is in our community. We will notice the signs of spring and learn how to take care of our Earth.


Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop – We are finishing our “How To” books to teach our readers how to do something step by step. This is a really fun unit and we are learning so much from our peers!  In reading, we will continue to read our Just Right Books and read with buddies! We are working on reading nonfiction books and reading to learn new information!

Phonics and Poetry- The children are having fun learning new poems and practicing old ones. This is a fun  way for the children to practice their fluency skills as well as build their confidence. :)

All of the vowels have  now been introduced and the children are doing a fantastic job blending letter sounds together to create words. The children continue to use arm  and finger tapping strategies to help spell words. Great job Kindergarten. You’re on your way to first grade!!

Handwriting- We are busy practicing our handwriting strokes and learning the proper way to form upper and lowercase letters. to bottom is the way we write!