Monthly Class News


February Class News

January was an exciting month in kindergarten!  We have enjoyed writing pattern books and reading pattern books.  Each day we are learning and growing more and more! We are seeing patterns in the books we read and we are using patterns to write our own books. This month we will be learning more about the following topics:

Math:  We continue to practice adding and subtracting and we are writing addition and subtraction number stories.  We are learning more about the teens so they won’t be so tricky, 3D shapes, and discussing length and height.  We are learning how to explain our answers when we solve a problem.  We will also celebrate the 100th day of school!

Reader’s Workshop:  We are still using our superpowers to read and we are learning to figure out tricky parts.  When we come to a word we don’t know, we need to look at the picture, look at the first letter of the word and think of its sound, and think about what makes sense in the sentence.  We are learning different reading strategies as well as recognizing patterns in books.

Writer’s Workshop:  We have learned how to write so many pattern books, and we are learning even more.  We are also learning to look over our work to make changes in spacing and capitalization. We can make changes so that our books are easy for others to read and get ready for pattern books.

Science/Social Studies:  We are learning about Groundhog Day and the how to take care of our teeth!  We will learn about hibernation, motion, and measurement.